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Why Us?

Why Us?



Why Hire Los Osos Tree Service?

You pay what we say

The price we give you at the estimate is the price you pay. We will never unexpectedly change the price on a customer after starting a job. If the job is taking longer than expected, that is our problem, not yours.



If you hire Los Osos Tree Service, you know exactly what you are getting and what the finished product will be. We are very responsive to phone calls and text messages. We will send out schedule updates and changes along with other information as soon as possible. We want everyone to be on the same page and no one left in the dark. It is much more pleasant doing business this way, for all parties.


Everyone who is working on your property wants to be there

We offer competitive pay, great benefits, and incentives in this area. Not only does our team personally want to succeed, they value the success of the company as a whole. We consistently exceed our customers expectations and go above and beyond to make you happy.


Safety is our first priority as opposed to speed

No matter what when we start a job our first thoughts are “How can we do this safely?” as opposed to “How can we do this as fast as humanly possible?”. If you rush in this industry, mistakes will happen. Consequences in tree work are extremely costly both in potential injuries and also the amount of property damage that can occur. If a job is going longer than it is supposed to, this is fine, we will take our time and get it done the right way and we can make up for the lost time elsewhere. Safety comes first, period.


Family owned and operated

Los Osos Tree Service is owned and operated by Jose Gomez, who has extensive experience in tree services. Jose is present at every job, and is usually the one doing the ‘high flying’ when necessary. Having the owner of the company not only present but doing the work let’s our customers know each job is important to us.


We have you covered

This should go without saying but we have all heard the horror stories about and uninsured companies preforming work and causing a tremendous amount of damage that they cannot pay for. Or even worse someone gets hurt and it is not covered. We carry multiples insurance policies including liability insurance for potential property damage and workers compensation in case of an injury to an employee.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an estimate give us a call or request a quote today!