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Tree Removal

Tree Removal



The Central Coast's Expert Tree Removal Service

Hazardous Tree Removal – Removal of trees that are inherently dangerous and could pose a threat to landscapes, people and property around it.

Dead Tree Removal – Removal of trees that are dead, no longer benefit environment, and can only cause harm to the surrounding area.

Diseased and Infested Tree Removal – Removal of trees that are diseased or infested with harmful insects. These trees are often beyond saving and will inevitably die and become hazardous. Removal of these trees promptly can aid in prevention of diseases and insects spreading further than they would had the trees not been removed.

Storm Damaged Tree Removal – Removal of trees that have been hit by lightning, split in a storm, or lost large branches due to high wind are often too damaged to recover from and need to be removed.

No matter what the situation even the biggest of trees in the tightest spaces we can do it all!

Trees are some of the most beautiful and majestic living things here on earth. Trees are not only beautiful but are also a necessity for our survival and a balanced environment. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and trees are no exception. When a tree comes to the end of the road and all other alternatives will not suffice the only option is tree removal.

You have to look at a tree and weigh your options and alternatives when working on it. Think about a cost benefit analysis. Has the tree has become more harmful than it is beneficial? A tree may be beyond saving if it is shedding large branches, growing too large for its space/too large to structurally support, has irreversible structural flaws such as cracks or narrow crotches, large holes, rot, or wounds. While simultaneously taking away sunlight from smaller trees, nutrients from the soil, and posing a potential threat to the people and property around it. There are several less obvious reasons such as root damage from recent construction. The tree could harboring detrimental(to the trees) bugs or diseases and tree removal sooner rather than later could aid in the prevention of these epidemics spreading further than they might if the tree had not been removed. When we come out to evaluate your trees we will notice anything that the untrained eye might not before we make our suggestion. Do not think of it as JUST removing a tree and feeling bad, think of it as giving a new tree an opportunity for survival that can benefit you and the rest of the world much more than the old one was. While simultaneously removing a hazard that could be harmful to people and property. We want what is best for everyone so that trees can continue to coexist with us, while also not taking unnecessary risks.

When it comes to tree removal or any dangerous operation you want to make sure you hire a company who has the equipment, man power, experience, and skill to work efficiently while also taking the time to make sure that everything is done in a safe manner. Our crew is highly experienced and well versed in tree removal in any situation the tree may be in. Whether it be a tight and tricky take down in an urban environment or there is an abundance of space, we have everything it takes to get the job done right. Understanding that just having nice equipment is not the answer to every situation we are constantly studying new techniques and expanding our skills every opportunity we get. We also pride ourselves on safety; it is our first priority during operation. Not only do we concern ourselves about the safety of people and property but also the safety of neighboring plants and landscapes. We try to have as little impact as possible. If you have any questions or think you might need tree removal services call Los Osos Tree Service for a free quote today!

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an estimate give us a call or request a quote today!